LGBTQ Aviation groups

Canadian Aviation Pride has a similar organization in the USA for pilots, The National Gay Pilots Association.

The NGPA regularly hosts events in Palm Springs and Provincetown, Cape Cod.

including job fairs for Americans in Palm Springs as well as a Scholarship fund.


National Gay Pilots' Association websiteFacebook Page


Various cities have their local organizations

Atlanta Area, STICK AND RUDDERS Facebook Page

Chicago Area, WINDY CITY FLYERS Facebook Page

Dallas Ft.Worth Area, RAINBOW FLYERS Facebook Page

Denver Area, MILE-HIGH FLYERS Facebook Page

Kansas City Area, HEARTLAND FLYERS Facebook Page

Minneapolis & St. Paul Area, TWIN CITY FLIERS Facebook Page

New England Area, YANKEE FLYERS Facebook Page

New York City Area, GOTHAM FLYERS Facebook Page

Orlando Area, CITRUS WINGS Facebook Page

Philadelphia Area, LIBERTY FLIERS Facebook Page

San Francisco Area, GOLDEN GATE FLYERS Facebook Page

Seattle Area, CASCADE FLYERS Facebook Page

Southern California, UNUSUAL ATTITUDES Facebook Page

Southern Florida Area, MACH1 FLYERS Facebook Page

Washington D.C., OUT ON THE RUNWAY  Facebook Page

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